Two Poems found on September 1

While looking for a poem on September 1, I found the following two poems.  The first is by Carl Sandberg, the second by Leo Dangel.  Both give us something to ponder as we go about the day.

They Ask: Is God, Too, Lonely?

When God scooped up a handful of dust,

And spit on it, and molded the shape of man,

And blew a breath into it and told it to walk-

That was a great day.

And did God do this because He was lonely?

Did God say to Himself he must have company

And therefore He would make man to walk the earth

And set apart churches for speech and song with God?

These are questions.

They are scrawled in old caves.

They are painted in tall cathedrals.

There are men and women so lonely they believe

God, too, is lonely.

Closing in on Harvest

No one could stop him.

A bad heart, he still

Worked in the field

And said he would die

On the tractor.

Out on the Super-M

Picking corn, somehow

He got off, though

And sat on the ground,

Leaning against the tire,

Where we found him.

His eyes were wide open,

Looking mean as hell,

Like when he was alive

And chores weren’t done,

But his hand

Lay on his chest, gentle,

Making us think

He was pledging something.

We could smell the dry wind.

The tractor radio was on

To the World Series-

Cardinals 7, Yankees 5,

Bob Gibson on the mound

One out to go-

The steel corn wagon

Was not quite full.

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