God’s Declaration of Dependence

In our culture, independence is of the highest value.  Autonomy, individuality, self-assertion, self – completion are marks of strength and wholeness.  Dependence is equated with weakness and domination.

God says it’s just the opposite.  We are created to be dependent.  God created us and all the rest of creation to be dependent on Him for our life and well-being.  Dependence begins with trust that God will take care of us.  In Genesis 2, God created the man and woman to be dependent on each other.  The man needed a helper, a companion.  He needed another person he could depend on.  The woman created by God, needed another person.  They were created to depend on each other.  They are bone of the same bone and flesh of the same flesh.  The man shall hold fast to his wife and they shall become one flesh.

The problem arose when they wanted to be independent of God, assert themselves, and be autonomous. So in Genesis 3 they listened to the voice of the snake over the voice of their Creator.  Their oneness with God was severed, though they still were dependent on Him.  Their oneness of flesh was divided and they were ashamed in their autonomy and independence, though they still needed to be on one another.  They had declared their independence and now were divided from open another and the animals they had name and the ground from which they were taken.

Thus in Mark 10:2-16 the Pharisees come with their question about divorce.  Jesus did not get involved in the hot topic of the day, but asserted how God intended it to be from the beginning.  God did not intend that the man and woman would be separated from open another.  That is a human contrivance.

In the kingdom of God Jesus’ followers need to be able to depend on a person they can trust, just as we trust God for our daily care and eternal salvation.  But dependence cannot be demanded nor used to manipulate the other person.  For they are one flesh.   If that relationship is adulterated, then one of the partners in the marriage has declared their independence.  Declared their independence from God and from another person.

Therefore Jesus says that in the Kingdom of God, life is lived as a child in the family trusts their parents, being able to dependent on their parents.  Life is lived depending on one another person even as we depend on God.

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