Your Hearts will Rejoice

Almost hidden in between all the earthly blessings that comes from following Jesus “and in the age to come eternal life,” is two words, “with persecutions.” (Mark 10:30)

The sainted Pastor Alton Wedel, long time pastor at Mt. Olive Lutheran church in Minneapolis, writes,  The Christian Gospel is not our private underwriter to guarantee successful living on our terms because God is on our side.  For this kind of world Jesus had to die, a world in which the tragedies are closely interwoven with the triumphs.

But your hearts will rejoice!  All through Sacred Scripture bells are ringing, even in the midst of tribulation…  Your hearts will rejoice!  He said it on the night before His cross-that in a little while they would not see him anymore and then another little while and they would see him again.  He said they would weep and lament, but the world would rejoice; they would be sorrowful, but their sorrow would be turned to joy…I will see you again, and your hearts will rejoice.  The promise speaks to us not from the vantage point prior to the cross but after it.  The major issues have been settled.  The crucifixion has been followed by the resurrection.  The strong chords of joy cannot be silenced.

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