Prayer for Christ the King Sunday


O all hearing God give attention to the prayers of your people as we pray for the well-being of the church, for peace in the whole world and the welfare of your people.

O God of justice, you rule far above all dominions. Establish your power over the nations and those who govern, that all families of the earth would gather under your righteous rule.  Lord in Your mercy.

O God of Salvation, in a time of fear and terror make known your saving grace and peace to your people, that we may stand steadfast in you; strengthen us in faith that we do not let the evil deeds of our foes sway us from trust in your governance and your peace which passes all understanding.  Lord in your mercy.

O God of Compassion, who through the blood of your Son Jesus Christ redeemed us from the power of sin, death and devil, lead us to live in thankfulness and joy in your great gift of eternal life, that we may not weary in well doing toward those who have lost house, home, families and all they owned and now live the perilous life of a refugee in foreign lands.

O Alpha and Omega, the first and the last, God who is, was and is to come, be with all those in our household faith who are ill, hospitalized, recuperating or shut in, that they might know your nearness and continue to look to Jesus Christ, who is the firstborn from the dead and all who faithfully trust in him will live with him both now and forever.  Lord in your mercy.

O God of Joy, we give thanks for all who are celebrating birthdays and anniversaries, living another year under your blessings, bless and keep them that they may continue to serve you.  Lord in your mercy.

All blessing and glory and wisdom and thanksgiving and honor and power and might by your, o God, through Christ the crucified and risen one.


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