Amid Flood of Refugees


A lengthy article in the LCMS “Reporter” tells quite a different story of what is happening in Germany involving the flood of refugees in contrast to the shameful hysteria being heard in the United States.

The following are excerpts from the December issue of the “Reporter.”

Rev. Thomas Seifert is pastor of Paul-Gerhardt Gemeinde (congregation) in Braunschweig, Germany.  “It’s such a chance as a missionary – you say, ‘oh what beautiful times’- they are coming in crowds,” said Seifert.  “’Go therefore and make disciples of all nations’- it’s easy to do when they are coming to you.”

Seifert’s efforts are part of SELK’s (Self-standing Evangelical Lutheran Church).  Other sites where the growing mission work in in refugee camps is occurring are, Berlin, Leipzig, Hannover, Dusseldorf, and elsewhere in Germany.

“A lot of people in Germany are claiming that we are losing our base, we are losing our foundation and beliefs if we welcome (these refugees),” Bishop Hans-Jorg Voigt said,”But I say we lose our roots and our Christian faith if we do not welcome them.”

When asked how American Christians should approach Muslims with the Gospel, the refugees agreed that demonstrating their Christian faith through the way they live in contrast to Islam.  “Let them see and ask questions,” one refuge said.

Rev. Kevin Robson, LCMS Chief Mission Officer, said, “Acts of terrorism, the darkness of humankind in rebellion against God’s goodness, the utterly fallen nature of a sin-corrupted creation-in Paris and in countless other places around the world-these are the contemporary symptoms of a great war being waged against Christ and His bride, the suffering Church.  In these last days the only source of genuine, eternal hope is this Jesus in the middle of it.”

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