When the Scales Come Off


After getting knocked to the ground by the bright light from heaven Saul (Paul) was blinded and did not eat or drink anything for three days. (Acts 9:9).  A Christian named Ananias had his own vision problems.  Jesus directed him to find Saul and lay his hands on him so that he could see again.  Ananias was reluctant; after all, Saul had been arresting Christians. At last, at Jesus direction, Ananias risked his life and went to meet Saul and laid his hands on him.  Saul was filled with the Holy Spirit and “something like scales fell from his eyes.”  Then Saul was baptized and ate a meal and was strengthened.  He was also strengthened in spirit and began to proclaim “Jesus is the Son of God.”

In a very real way, the scales had to come off the fish that Jesus grilled for his disciples by the lake shore.  Jesus was also strengthening his disciples who had spent the night fishing and had been skunked until someone called from shore telling them to try the right side of the boat.  When the net was filled to the point of breaking, John figured out it was Jesus. Peter who jumped into the water and rushed to shore. He left the other disciples to struggle with the net full of fish.  However, when Jesus asked them to bring him some of the fish Peter went back out and hauled the net in by himself.  Is this related to Jesus saying that if one has faith you can move mountains or at least a net full of fish?

Jesus had breakfast waiting for the hungry disciples. He “took the bread and gave it to them and so with the fish.”

Jesus, thank you for my daily bread and for your daily word that I might be strengthened in body and in faith.

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