An Ordinary Day


I was looking for something extraordinary today which would give me some inspiration to write.

The dog wanted to go for a walk at 7:30.  We ventured out for a walk around the cemetery.  Nothing too interesting there.  Everyone were their quiet selves as the traffic roared along Lindberg.

I went to the License Office to get my driver’s license renewed.  However, other than a young lady having to show me how to get the key pad up on the sign in pad, it was all quite ordinary.  “Thank you, I don’t have an I Pad,” I said.  Nothing unusual happened while waiting.  And the renewal process was quick and easy.  My photo came out better this time.  Someone commented about my present photo, “You look like a criminal.”

The rest of the day, I took another walk, worked on my Bible Class material on the Lord’s Prayer, pulled weeds, brushed the dog, took a nap after lunch and tried to watch some of the Cubs-Brewers game in which the Brewers did not play well.

An ordinary day.  Nevertheless, even on ordinary days we are able to count on something extraordinary.  God’s grace.  Once again this morning I got out of bed, Becky had coffee made, and I had plenty to eat three times today.  My heart kept beating – the pacemaker doing its job.  My insulin pump kept insulin flowing into my body – keeping my sugar well in the acceptable range.  The sun shined all day after it rained last night.

This evening my older brother emailed with a question, about why in Acts 8, verse 37 is now in a footnote.  That gave me an opportunity to do some studying and explain about manuscripts etc.

Yes, this was an ordinary day filled with ordinary activities and among the ordinary was God’s grace.  Once more Jesus upheld the universe with his word.  Once more forgiveness is available for me where I may have wandered from God’s path today.

And when I go to bed tonight, His extraordinary grace will accompany my sleep until I awaken to another day.  That’s something to look forward to.


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