Why Me?


While driving to see my cardiologist this afternoon, I was listening to Don Marsh from KMOX interviewing John O’Leary, the author of the best-selling book, “On Fire.” When he was nine years old, O’Leary was burned over nearly 100 percent of his body in a house fire.  He is now a leadership speaker to corporations.

At one point, Marsh asked him whether he asks, “Why Me?”  O’Leary turned the question on its head being thankful that he had such a harrowing experience because he found such great support from so many and gained so many insights into life.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Stronach for nearly 25 years. That I’ve been seeing her for a quarter century is amazing.  I never thought I would reach age 75, as I will later this month.  I’ve never asked, “Why me?” in the sense of questioning why I have diabetes and heart disease.  Though there is much I can’t do, I work in the yard, go for walks and have been able to keep on preaching well beyond retirement.  Beginning on May 15, I’m scheduled to be in the chancel and pulpit 16 of the next 20 Sundays. Yeah, I know, it’s crazy.   Every Friday morning, I try to ride herd on an energetic group of older men in a bible class.  So when I ask, “Why me?” it has to do with being the first generation in our family that something is able to be done – heart wise.  Why am I able to function with only one of 12 by-passes still working and that one from my first surgery in 1988?  Literally, “Only God knows.”

“Sing praises to God sing praises!” (Psalm 47:6)

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