Timeless Eternity



Our 2014 Ford Focus needs a new clutch.  As a temporary fix the dealership reprogrammed the clutch.  However, they also killed the clock.  It lurches ahead once in a while moving in the past two weeks from 10:12-10:39. Though we have cell phones and I have my insulin pump, we do miss our dashboard clock.

I was driving to the Sem. today and thought about the timelessness of eternity.  How will we adjust?  We are tied to time.  While growing up on the farm I learned to tell time by looking at the sun, usually coming within about 10 minutes.  Since living in the city for several years, I’ve lost that ability.

Becky asked people began keeping track of time.  I thought it began back at the creation of the first day and first night.  I haven’t read Steven Hawking’s book, “A Brief History of Time.”  But I do know we are now able to measure time accurately down to the millisecond or microsecond  using an atomic clock.

What will life be like living in the eternal presence of God for whom a thousand years are like one day and one day is like a thousand years.  I don’t want to criticize your time keeping God, but could you try to narrow your sense of time?  That’s not much more helpful than my nearly dead dashboard clock.

I suppose time is just one more thing in God’s eternity that we really won’t care about.  Time will neither fly by or drag on forever.  Time will have passed away along with the old earth and old heavens.  If someone should ask us what time it is, we will probably answer, “Time? What’s that?”



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