Martin Luther on the Word


Since I am altogether obligated to deal publicly with Holy Writ, I want to render as pure a service as I can to my Lord Jesus Christ.  For if divine Scriptures are treated in such a way as to be understood only with regard to the past and not to be applied also to our own manner of life, of what benefit will they be?  Then they are cold, dead, and not even divine.  For you see how fittingly and vividly, yes, how necessarily, this passage applies to our age.  (He is writing about his lectures on Galatians 5:26ff.)  Because others have not dared this or have not understood it-it is not surprising that the teachers of theology have not been hated.  To me it is certain that the Word of God cannot be rightly treated without incurring hatred and danger of death, and that if it gives offense-especially to the rulers and aristocrats of the people-this is one sign that it has been treated rightly.  It is a stone of stumbling in consequence of which the judges of the peoples are devoured.  In short, the church is crying out that the rulers are persecuting her and that the rulers have crucified Christ.

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