Psalm 136: His Kindness is Forever


In Psalm 136, tells us that God’s steadfast love or kindness is forever, twenty – six times. To start with, God is good.  God is the greatest God and the greatest Master.  Then the psalmist tells us of his great wonders.  The heavens are created in wisdom, he stamps firm the earth, makes the great lights giving the sun dominion over the day and the moon and stars dominion over the night.  All of this God does because his kindness is forever.

But God also takes an interest in what is going on earth.  In order to free Israel from the grip of slavery God struck down the firstborn of Egypt.  God effected history, splitting the Reed Sea and shaking Pharaoh and his army into the waters.  Because of his never ending kindness, God led His people through the wilderness, struck down great and mighty kings. God names names, Sihon of Amorites, Og of Bashan.  He gave their land to Israel his servant when they were low.

Finally, God, creator of the universe and caretaker of his people, gives bread to all living creatures.

For that reason, “Give thanks to the God of the heavens for his kindness is forever.”

Prayer: God of everlasting love, through your Word you made all things in heaven and on earth; you have opened to us the path from death to life.  Listen to the song of the universe, the hymn of resurrection, sung by your Church and give us your blessing; through Jesus Christ our Lord.


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