Relax in the Lord


Last Friday in our morning bible class we got into a discussion about Homosexuality.  I pointed the group to page 1910 in the Lutheran Study Bible which I thought handled it well.  In Romans Chapter 1, Paul is writing to the Christians in Rome.  The Romans prided themselves on not advocating homosexuality as the Greeks did.  They felt this led to the downfall of the Greeks.  While acknowledging that God did not create nor intend for people to be attracted to the same sex, Paul goes on to list a large number of other sins in which the Romans were involved which are listed in verses 29-30.

God doesn’t show partiality.  All who have sinned will also perish; therefore, be careful whom you judge, because in doing so you condemn yourselves.

During our discussion the interim pastor joined the class and spoke of the struggle that some people have with homosexuality and also dealing with people, whoever they may be and whatever their sin, in a pastoral manner.

The class never did come to conclusion on how we deal with homosexuality, since many of us have gay neighbors who are fine and upstanding citizens.  Furthermore, Christ died for everyone, not just those whom we might like to deem worthy of his salvation.

As the class time came to a close, John, a retired lawyer and judge said, “I can finally breathe.”  That reminded me that in the midst of heavy discussions we need to remember to breathe.  Then this morning I came across the following  exercise in regard to relaxing.

Breathe in to a count of five (J-e-s-u-s).  Hold your breath to a count of six (C-h-r-i-s-t). Exhale to a count of seven (T-h-e- L-o-r-d).  Do this as many times as needed to relax.

I’ll have to try and remember that exercise.

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