Time Out

After preaching every Sunday since the end of May, save one in August, Becky and I won’t be driving up to Bunker Hill for three weeks.  Then the first two weeks in October I’m out of a job.

It was relaxing come Sunday evening not to start thinking about a sermon for next Sunday.  Sort of like a sabbath or a year of the Jubilee.

I think I’ve previously shared a definition of preaching from one of Jan Karon’s books.  Preaching is like giving birth on Sunday only discover that you are pregnant of Monday.

I thank the Lord for the ability to keep on getting into the chancel and pulpit.  But I also thank the Lord for a breather.

However, I do have plenty of preparation to do today to get ready for the Friday morning retired men’s “Coffee and Conversation.”  I’m using the video course from Lutheran Laymen’s League on Martin Luther, Part I.  They supply some resources for digging deeper.  Of course with history, the deeper one digs the more there is to excavate and try to put together in a coherent  story.

A retired engineer in the class has problems when things in the Bible don’t work logically.  He asked last week why it was the Martin Luther lived and many people who tried to reform the church before him ended up at the stake and fire.  The problem is, human history just doesn’t make a lot of sense and at times we do the thing which harms us the most.

Yet somehow God works his will and his plan through all the twists and turns and ups and downs of history.  Beyond that things are bewildering.

It’s time to close this out and start digging into the Reformation story.

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