Surprised by Grace


Thursday is my run around day.  Shortly after 8 am I dropped Becky off at our daughter and son-in-law’s home and then drove to the seminary.  After that I decided to take a look at Ascension Lutheran in south St. Louis where our son has submitted his name to be considered for a call as Minister of Music.  My next move was to find a place to eat.  The Chinese restaurant on Hampton I sought has been replaced by a Club Fitness.  So I ended up at Golden Corral on south Lindbergh.  By the time I got back home, the temperature was headed for 80, and I changed into T shirt and shorts.

Since I needed to be back at our daughter’s house by 3, I went to Subway to buy a sub for Adam and myself for supper.  When I was about to pay, I noticed my credit was not in my wallet.   I had a problem. “I left my credit card at home.” I said, “Could you hold the subs while I get my credit card.”  “Sure,” he said, “I’ll just put it in the cooler.”

I raced home and found my card in the shirt pocket I had worn in the morning.  Back at Subway the manager, a young lady, was standing by the cash register with my subs.  “Here you go,” she said.  “I’ve got to pay for them,” I replied.  She said, “No, you will not,” and handed me the bag.  “Enjoy.”  I said, “Thank you.”

When one receives grace, “Thank you,” is all one can say.  Though it sounded so inadequate; yet, it was enough.  To insist on paying would have ruined the surprising gift, because you can’t pay for grace.


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