The King who refused to save Himself.


The king was the beloved Son of God.  But what kind of king is crucified as a criminal amid criminals?  “Save yourself and us,” they cried.  He saved them, but he refused to save himself.  What kind of king would bring a criminal into Paradise?  Criminals in Paradise?

Yes, this king populates Paradise with ex-cons, that’s the kind of king he is.  He’s Christ the king forgiving lawbreakers.  In him the wholeness of God is pleased to dwell.  Through him criminals, breakers of God’s laws, are made friends with God.  Through the blood of his cross he makes peace with ex-cons.

It’s Christ the King Sunday.  We do well to confess our criminality.  Then we too can join all the other ex-cons in Paradise.

Lord Jesus Christ, forgive Your people their offenses that we, may enter at last into Your eternal Paradise.

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