When the Books are Opened


The question, “Do I really want that to happen?” ran through my mind this morning as the congregation sang the third stanza of LSB 508 “The Day is Surely Drawing Near.”


The books are opened then to all,

A record truly telling,

What each has done, both great and small,

When he on earth was dwelling,

And ev’ry heart be clearly seen,

And all be known as they have been

In thoughts and words and actions.


Do I really want the Book of my Life opened for all see?  The answer is “yes” only in Christ.  Because then the book of my life is the book of Jesus’ life.  Christ invites us to come with him, the blessed of his father, because what Christ sees is how we helped him in the time of need, that is, we helped the least of those who belong to him who are his treasured possessions.  All the times we failed come to the aid of those in need is forgiven and forgotten.


Stanza five of the hymn tells the rest of the story:

My Savior paid the debt I owe

And for my sin was smitten;

Within the Book of Life I know

My name has now been written

I will not doubt, for I am free,

And Satan cannot threaten me;

There is no condemnation.



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