I was Glad to God to Church

Psalm 122


I love my current job of “running around and preaching.”  Later this month Becky and I will be at Staunton, Il.  But on Sunday morning when I get up earlier than usual, I will not be so glad.  Somewhere along the hour drive I will have downed enough coffee to be ready to enter the pulpit and proclaim, “Let us be merry, Joseph Married Mary.”

Psalm 122 was written for pilgrims who after a long journey on foot had climbed the steep incline from Jericho to Jerusalem.  Their energy renewed and excitement mounted as they stood in the city’s gates.  But the journey was not yet finished.  Their goal was the temple.  However, in reflecting on Jerusalem the center of the universe for the tribes of Israel.  Jerusalem was the capital where the descendants of David were to reign in mercy and with justice.  They were to follow the God’s lead in not being swayed to favor those with standing, wealth or political influence.

Therefore, the pilgrims prayed for peace in the city of Yahweh’s peace, that all who loved the city and temple would prosper and find shalom.  Because Jerusalem contains the seat of God’s presence on earth the pilgrim will seek the peace for the city.

We also look forward to a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, not the one in Israel, but to the new Jerusalem which is the eternal city where God lives and reigns with the Lamb and the Holy Spirit.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, give us the peace of the new Jerusalem.  Bring all nations into your kingdom to share your gifts, that they may render thanks to you without end and may come to your eternal city, where you live and reign with the Father and the Holy Spirit, now and forever.

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