Luther on God’s Loving and Kind Gospel


In 1522 Luther preached on God’s loving and kind gospel as we find it stated in Titus 3:4, But after that the kindness and love of God our Savior toward man appeared.

His Gospel proclaims pure grace, with which he succors and surrounds us in the most benevolent way, so that no man is treated according to his merit and deserts.

God has revealed to us his kindness not only in that he will help men and allow them to be near him, but even more holds them, seeks to be with them, and offers them his never-ending grace and friendship.  He offers his grace to us and does not leave us.  He receives in a most loving way all who desire to draw near to him.  What more could he do?  Behold then, why his Gospel is called a comfortable and lovely message of God in Christ.  What sweeter word could be spoken to a wretched, sinful conscience?

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