God Calls the Mountains to Jury Duty


I served on couple of juries when I was in Wisconsin.  My fellow jurors were people just like me.  In Micah 6:1-8, the Old Testament lesson for Epiphany 4, the Lord calls the mountains to hear his testimony against his own people.

The Lord demands, “Rise, plead your case before the mountains.”  God continues, “Hear, you mountains…for the Lord has a controversy with his people.”

The Lord speaks, “O my people, what have I done to you?  In what have I wearied you?  Answer me.”  He then tells them what he has done for them, “brought you up from the land of Egypt, redeemed you from…slavery.”  He sent them leaders.  He was faithful throughout their journey, even up to the last, when he turned an intended curse against his people to a blessing.

But the people have misunderstood what it means to be saved.  They think that God wants their “stuff.”  Should they bring calves for burnt offerings?  Would you be happy with a 1,000 rams, or 10,000 rivers of oil?  What will it take?  How about the life of my firstborn son?  Would that pay for my sins?

The Lord doesn’t want their stuff.  He wants his people to live the life he has called them to live.  Act justly toward the poor, be honest in your dealings.  Act in steadfast kindness in your daily dealings.  And live your life recognizing that you are totally dependent on God for your life, your sustenance and your salvation.  Treat others the way God has treated you.



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