God’s Salvation Business


Before God began creation, He had a plan for our glorification.  Following our inglorious take- charge- of- our- lives-plan, everyone dies.  Like Jack and Jill, we’ve tumbled down, breaking our crowns.  In the fashion of Humpty Dumpty we have taken a great fall.  Not even the king’s cavalry can put us together again.  No matter how we try to straighten up and fly right, the glide path of our lives is that of a dump truck.  We may be able to patch ourselves up and make some temporary repairs, but the pot holes in our lives will keep breaking open.

God is not in the patch up and repair business.  God is in the salvation business, bringing into being a new creation where Jack and Jill wear the crown of life, Humpty Dumpty is made whole and dump trucks soar to glory.  God revealed his hidden plan in this present age, not in the brilliance of our minds, nor in the power of our strength, but in the weakness of Jesus on a hill far away on an old rugged cross, upon which was fastened the crucified Christ.

God overcame our wisdom and our power to take charge of our own lives, resulting in death.  God put Jesus in charge, resulting in life.

Yes, God is in the salvation business.  God’s business is one in which it is profitable to invest.

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