The First Savior

I’ve launched an effort to read the bible from Genesis to Revelation. I checked out the God’s Word translation from the seminary library.  To my surprise, the attendant said I had it for one year.   I responded, “Oh, that gives me a goal to get through the bible by next Valentines Day.”  I’m up to Chapter 15, of Genesis.

When reading of Abram’s journey to Egypt in Gen. 12:10 – 20, I was struct that the first savior in the bible was Sarai (Sarah).  In fact, she is the first “beautiful savior.”

Though she was at least 65 years old, Abram feared that her ravishing beauty would drive Pharaoh to kill him and take her for his wife.  To save his life, he directed Sarai to say that she was his sister (which was sort of true).  Indeed when the princes saw Sarai they were struck by her beauty and informed Pharaoh, who took her into the great house as his wife. (vs. 15 & 19)

Because of Sarai, Abram lived and was further enriched with by gifts of producing livestock and servants.  But the Lord afflicted Pharaoh with plagues.  Somehow Pharaoh discovered that his new wife was also the wife of his honored guest, Abram. Pharaoh called Abram on the carpet for his deception and ordered his men to see to it that Abram was deported.  The episode ends, “and they sent him away with his (savior) wife and all that he had.”

It is a strange story with Abram guilty of several moral ambiguities.  It is one of the many stories throughout the bible of how God perseveres to bring to fruition his promise to bless the whole world with life and salvation in Jesus Christ, despite the less than perfect people with whom he has to work.





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