Pancake Tuesday, day before Ash Wednesday


I’m hungry for pancakes at IHOP. But I don’t have a car today nor any makings at home.  Pancakes must wait until tomorrow, after I get the oil changed in the car, but hopefully, before the 11:30 Ash Wednesday service. And then a haircut.  Busy day tomorrow.

Ash Wednesday worship will be squeezed in between a lot of other activity.  No time to enjoy pancakes today.  No time to go into my closet and pray.  Anyway, it’s full of clothes.

How will I “keep lent?”  Well back on Valentine’s day I started my effort to read through the entire bible from Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth,” to Revelation 22:21 “The grace of the Lord Jesus, be with all.  Amen.”  In between, there are numerous stories leading to our salvation and some tough sledding through Leviticus.  I also intend to read an old devotional pamphlet by Henri Nouwen which contains his reflections on Rembrandt’s painting of the Prodigal Son.

During lent I will continue to enjoy God’s gifts. Ecclesiastes 2:24, “There is nothing better than to eat and drink and find enjoyment, for these are the from the hand of God.”  But I will also seek to remember the third stanza of the 11th century hymn “Song of Gladness.”

Alleluia cannot always

Be our song while here below;

Alleluia, our transgressions

Make us for a while forgo;

For the solemn time is coming

When our tears for sin must flow





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