Christians need the Lord’s Day

I found these thoughts in a Lenten Resource book.  The first paragraph calls to mind the prophet Elijah when he was fleeing for his life from Jezebel following his victory over the prophets of Baal on Mt. Carmel.

Some days it’s easy to identify with a fellow who has had a enough of a troubled life.  He flops down, says he’s ready to give up, and has a nap.  Well, it takes two nap.s, two jugs of water and two hearth cakes-all served up by an angel-to give him the strength tro complete his forty-day journey.

The Lord’s Day, every Sunday, is food and drink and rest for the journey.  Every Sunday is like an angel that comes to us when our heart is heavy.  We desperately need our Sunday naps and “hearth cakes.” We desperately need a day free from business as usual, a day without errands, demands and travel.

Recreation is not a luxury; it’s a necessity.  Without Lord’s Day refreshment, Christianity itself would soon flop down unable to go any further.

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