We Preach Christ Crucified


“For in the wisdom of God, the world through its wisdom

did not know Him, God was pleased, through the foolishness

of what was preached, to save those who believe!”

1 Corinthians 1

April 5, 2017

To scholars, with their learning made more dense,

The Gospels’ wild accounts just don’t make sense.

Cruel Pilate was no vacillating fool.

And Herod would have seized the chance to rule!


The Pharisees unjustly are maligned.

The tax-oppressed were far from good and kind.

This rebel Jesus, all for His own cause,

Preached fables, upset tables and the laws.


To unbelieving, self-achieving men,

The wisdom of the world has won again!

And many souls for whom the Savior died

Are ridiculed, dismissed, and vilified!

Still, let them rant and rave and waste their breath.

The Savior still has saved the world from death.


The Christian truth-exactor still will find

 A Savior for himself and all mankind!

A brother pastor in St. Louis wrote the above in response to the PBS program, “The last Days of Jesus.

Personally, I never watch those “Bible programs.”




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