The Seasons of God’s Will


Flannery O’Connor wrote: The world said, “love cuts like the cold wind, and the will of God is plain as the winter.  Where is the summer will of God?  Where are the green seasons of God’s will?  Where is the spring and summer of God’s will?”

Is O’Connor saying that the will of God is cold as judgment?  I’m not sure.  But when it comes to the spring and summer of God’s will, a letter in our local Thursday “throw away” paper that landed on my lawn answers that.

Mary Fitzgerald responded to a previous letter which portrayed Christianity as a proponent of judgment, small-mindedness and hate.  Mary wrote: “Christ’s message is clear.  He came into our world in its brokenness.”

The spring and summer and green season of God’s will arrives when Jesus goes to the cross, suffers, dies, is buried and rises again to new and unending life.  Then God’s will is as plain as winter as our sins, which are as red as his shed blood, will be wiped out leaving us as white as snow.


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