Monday of Passion Week, 2017


We have two ears and one mouth, use them according, we are told.  But I suspect, we would rather have other people use their two ears to hear what my mouth has to say.

Isaiah, 50:4 The Lord has given me the tongue of those who are taught…Morning by morning he awakens my ear to hear…

But if we continue to read vs. 4-9, we learn that it’s not only his ears and tongue which the Servant employs in service to the Lord in sustaining the weary.  He engages his full body in service.  He didn’t turn his back on the Lord, but turned it toward his abusers, toward the bullies.  He offers his back to the scourger.  He offers his cheeks to those who will grab his beard and pull out fistfuls of hair.  He will endure the humiliation of spittle running down his face.

Through all the humiliating insult and abuse, he will not curse torturers.  The Servant knows that God knows that he is innocent.  When God knows I’m innocent, who will find me guilty.

No wonder we think of Jesus when we read these verses.  The reading could well have included vs. 11, But all of you light fires and arm yourselves with flaming torches.  So, walk in your own light and among the torches you have lit. So it was among those who arrived in the garden on Thursday night to arrest him.

Verse 10 calls us to trust in the same God as our Savior. Let those who walk in darkness and have no light trust the name of the Lord and depend upon their God.

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