God Promotes a Failure


Sometimes we hear of a CEO who failed in his responsibility to grow the corporation.  But what happens, sometimes that person is promoted or at least gets a golden parachute.  That’s what God did with the prophet Isaiah in Isaiah 49:1-7

Isaiah wants the ends of the earth to hear what God did even when he considered himself a failure.  God had chosen him from before he was born to be his special servant. But…

49:4 “I put in all this demanding work; for what?  Nothing!  I haven’t accomplished anything.  I’m going put my situation in the Lord’s hands and see what reward he has in store for me.”

49:6 – The Lord said, “What I gave you to do, to bring back my people to me, that was too easy.  You need a bigger job. I’m going to make you my light to the nations.  You will be responsible to save people all over the world.”

Those are not only words which might encourage us when we think it’s all been for nothing.  But the epistle for the Tuesday of Holy Week, I Corinthians 1: 18-31, tells of what appeared to be God’s biggest failure in choosing Jesus Christ to be the Savior. He ended up dying on the cross.  But Paul says, the crucifixion of Jesus is his most powerful message.  Rather than a lost cause, Jesus’ crucifixion is the wisest and most powerful thing God ever did.  Though the word of the cross is foolishness and weakness to some to those who believe it is salvation.  if believers in Christ want something to boast about, boast about what Jesus did for all the people of the world.


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