Name Changes


What if your name was: Etiasethevas; or Asebas?  Doesn’t mean much, does it? Well, those are descriptions of us in Romans 5:6.  In English your name would be Stillweak, and Ungodly. Who would want such names?  As we read on in Romans 5:6-11, we find other names,  Etiamartolos – Stillsinner (v. 8) and Echthros – Enemy.

However, St. Paul writes that even while we carried those names and behaved accordingly, “Christ died for us.”  Now we can carry the name, Dikaiothentes – Justified or Sothasometha – Saved (v.9).  In verse 10 and 11 is another name, Katallagentes – Reconciled.

What a difference a day makes.  As you approached your baptism, you were named, Stillweak, Ungodly, Stillsinner and Enemy.  After the pastor applied the water and the word of baptism, you left behind the old names having been renamed, Justified, Saved, and Reconciled.

That name change happened because of a couple of other days that made a difference, the day Jesus died and the day he arose from the dead.

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