Easter Wednesday


Psalm 96:12, “Then shall the trees of the forest sing for joy.”

This is truly the time of year when the trees are full of music.  The newly birthed mustard green oak leaves rustle in the breeze.  Music flows from robins and cardinals resting in the branches.  The great horned owls add their base line antiphonally calling, “hoo, hoo hroot.’  Soon the percussive woodpeckers will join in ratta tatting.  Silently, maple helicopters spin confetti out of the sky.

It wasn’t long ago that we gazed on the barren tree which held our Lord, set among a forest of three.  Did the buzzard circle waiting for the dirge of death?  Did the crow alight on that tree and caw?

Now the trees of that forest stand empty.  Now the trees of the garden are alive with singing.  Now our lord is risen and walks in the forest to meet Mary Magdalene and the other Mary.  Now his voice is added to the chorus, “Tell of his salvation from day to day.” Join with all the earth in singing to the greatness of the Lord, to his spender and majesty.  Sing heavens and earth.  Let the sea add its roar. The Lord has come, was dead and is now alive.  He comes to judge the nations in uprightness and faithfulness to his promises.


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