Little Things Mean a Lot


Mark 16:1, When the Sabbath was past, Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of James and Salome bought spices, so they might go and anoint him.

Each of the gospels notes the “Myrrh Carriers,” who at first light on Sunday, went to Jesus’ tomb to complete his burial.  It was a little thing, but it meant a lot.

Two points are worth considering: 1. Doing little things is part of serving someone else.  A woman was in London England, when she learned her father had suddenly died.  She discovered that her cell phone didn’t work and all arrangements for returning to northwestern Wisconsin, where she lived.  She was flying into the Twin Cities, but the family lived in Milwaukee.  There was no one to pick her up.  However, her roommate had contacted the family about her arrival, but no one knew the time.  Her roommate drove the airport and kept watch at the gate for all flights coming from London.  She also got a fresh cup of Starbucks coffee before each flight landed so that she could have a hot coffee in hand for her friend when she got off the plane.  It was this little thing but it meant a lot to see a familiar face.

  1. A second point taken from the Myrrh Carriers faithfulness to little things is that they became the messengers of Jesus’ resurrection. The early church called them apostles to the apostles.

I find within congregations there a people who take care of the small things who are important to the smooth functioning of the church.  Who opens the door on Sunday and turns on the lights and the heat or air?  Who cleans the church or sets up communion or folds the bulletins?  Who fixes the plumbing etc?  Who takes the offering in the bank?

Jesus also forgives the little sins we may overlook in ourselves or which may bug us to no end.

These are little things, but they mean a lot.

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