Lighter than Air


When we lived in Winona, MN. The Good Year blimp made an unexpected landing in a field just outside of the city.  I, went out to get a close – up look at this lighter than air wonder.  Someplace among my slides is a photo.  Lighter than air objects are fascinating.  I spent much of my youth looking at the clouds when I should have been picking beans for Stokely Van Camp’s.  When we were in Marshfield, Wisconsin one year we let some helium filled balloons loose during the Ascension Day service.

However, we may not appreciate the comparison in Psalm 62:9:

“The common people are mere empty air, while people of rank are a sham; when placed on the scales, they rise, all of them lighter than air.”

In recognition of our lighter than air weightiness, the Psalm begins, “For God alone I wait silently; my salvation comes from him.  He only is my rock of salvation, strong tower, so that I stand unshaken.”  Vs 7 “On God rests my salvation and my glory, my mighty rock, my refuge is God.”

The basic meaning of glory is “weight, and “importance.” According to the psalmist we have no weight nor importance. Therefore, our glory is found only in God’s glory.  And God’s glory is found in Christ who glorified His Father by going to the cross for our salvation.  Christ is our rock of refuge, our fortress to whom we can go for refuge.  He is our salvation. Anything else in which we might trust, including ourselves, our own status, and our possessions, when placed on the scales of God’s judgment are lighter than air.

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