Mary Magdalene, First Apostle of Jesus’ Resurrection


She is one of the first women who followed Jesus.  She was the first to see Jesus resurrected.  It was still dark when she saw the stone rolled away from the tomb.  In some panic she ran back to inform Peter and John that someone had vandalized the tomb and taken Jesus’ body and apparently hid it.  She returned to the grave with Peter and John and after they left remained behind.  Taking a second look she, saw two angels, whom she questioned as to Jesus whereabouts.  “Why are you weeping?” they asked.   Turning around and she saw Jesus standing but didn’t recognize him.

Jesus asked her, “Whom are you seeking?” Jesus simply said, “Mary.”  She fell to the ground and grabbed hold of him, because Jesus told her not to cling to him.  At Jesus word, she became the first evangelist of the resurrection.  She announced to the disciples she had seen the Lord.

Though often associated with the sinful woman who anointed Jesus’s feet in the Pharisees home; there is no biblical basis for her being identified as a prostitute.  Nor was she Mary, Marth’s sister.  Bernard of Clairvaux, with good reason called her, “the apostle to the apostles.’

LSB hymn 855,

We sing Your praise for Mary,

Who came at Easter dawn

To look for Jesus’ body

And found her Lord was gone.

But, as with joy she saw Him

In resurrection Light,

May we by faith behold Him,

The Day who ends our night!

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