Job, Jesus and Me


Tomorrow, Job 38 is the Old Testament lesson.  God asks Job, “Tell me if you’re so smart…Who slammed the door on the sea when it burst from the womb…caged it’s behind bars and told it, “This far and no farther…here is where your proud waves will be stayed?”  (My paraphrase).

In the Gospel Matthew 14:22-33, this same God, contained within Jesus,’ body walks upon the proud waves of the Sea of Galilee.  Dawn was creeping in from the East.  The waves were pounding against the disciples’ boat as they made their nighttime crossing.   But suddenly they notice an apparition. “It’s a ghost,” they cried in terror.  The Lord of the waters said, “It’s me.  Nothing to fear.”

Peter said, “Lord, command me to come to you on the water.”

Jesus said, “Come.”

Peter climbed over the gunnels and walked on the water toward Jesus.  What faith!  But when he saw the wind and waves, he lost his courage and began to sink.  He cried out, “Save me.”  Jesus reached out and caught hold of him.

Then Jesus asks a pertinent question for all of us to consider, “How little you trust me. Why did you doubt?”  That’s a question that hangs over some of Jesus’ parables in chapter 13 of the treasure and the pearl.

The disciples bowed down before Jesus confessing, “Truly you are the Son of God.”  When we make our confession of faith tomorrow, the question to ask ourselves is, “What is the measure of our trust in Jesus who has saved us and beckons us to come to him.”

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