Martin Luther on Preaching


Classmate Bob Kolb has an article on Luther’s preaching in the Winter/Spring issue of the Concordia Journal.

“It is true that a preacher ought first to ascend through prayer in order to receive the Word and teaching from God, and then ought to study, learn, read and meditate.  Thereafter he ought to descend and teach others.”

I usually tried to begin that conversation with God and the Word on Sunday evening and continued it through Thursday or Friday.  Descending to write and preach took up Friday-Sunday.  Then the cycle began again for the next week.

I also find something else that Luther said to be true: “I have often wanted to spit on myself when I left the pulpit ‘Pfui on you!  What did you preach?’  But just this sermon the people praised the most, that I had not preached so wonderful a sermon in a long time.”


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