Lord, Be With

A prayer by Herbert Brokering from “Lord Be With.”

be with those who go out after a storm
picking up the pieces;
those who after the fight
Look for loved ones among the wounded;
those who after the high wind
look for personal belongings
strewn shamefully among the public;
Those whose trees are uprooted,
whose water is polluted,
Whose fences are broken, and
whose hope is shattered.

be with the broken hearted,
whose refrigerators are robbed by wind and rain,
whose beds are soaked by by storm,
whose picture windows are crushed by hail,
whose rugs are covered by mud, and
whose privacy is invaded by searchlights.

be with the flooded,
the rained out,
the uprooted,
who who are refugees of fierce weather.
Give to them, in these frightened times,
such people who can help them
pick up the pieces
and put life back together.

Jesus Christ, show us how to begin again;
let all ravaged life be made new.

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