Thinking and Doing the Rights Things


Prayer of the Day: Pentecost 14A.

The prayer begins “O God, from whom all good proceeds…”  I think this can be understood in two ways.  First, there is no good which we receive that is not from God.  Secondly, everything which proceeds from God is good, even though we may wonder about that at times.

Next, we assert that we are God’s humble servants. I am reminded that that’s what I am, a servant of Christ humbled by the measures to which Christ went to save me from my own pride.  I am also humbled that thousands of fellow believers are making a confession of humility on my behalf.

Now we humble servants ask God for the gift of “Holy inspiration” to help us do two things.  First, to set our minds on things that are right. But how am I to discern what things are right?  Well, it’s the Holy Spirit who teaches us all things in Christ. Thinking right things begins with repentance, believing the Gospel and obeying Jesus command to love one another even as he has loved us.

Secondly, to do what is right. Here we also need help, so we prayed for his merciful guidance to not only lead us in right thinking, but also in actively doing them.

Then as Martin Luther directs us, “go joyfully to your work.”

Thus, we prayed this weekend: O God, from whom all good proceeds, grant to us, Your humble servants, Your holy inspiration, that we may set our minds on the things that are right and, by Your merciful guiding, accomplish them; through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

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