Little Ones Angels Looking at God


Jesus begins the Gospel lesson for last Sunday (Matt. 18:1-20) by setting a little child amid his adult disciples.  As he continues it becomes clear that he is speaking of disciples who are little in the faith.  Woe to anyone who treats these little ones with contempt or looks down one of these insignificant ones.  These may be people who are half in and half out of the church, or half – hearted, nominal disciples.  Those who have been disappointed in the church or by the church in how they were treated during a difficult time; yet, they remain a follower of Christ.  In Jesus eyes, these are not little ones but those considered such by “serious” believers.

The clincher comes in verse 10b,” In heaven their angels always behold my Father’s face who is in heaven.”  Hebrews 1:14, speaks of ministering angels sent forth to serve, for the sake of those who are to obtain salvation.  In Psalm 91:10-11, God sends angels “to guard you in all your ways…they will bear you up lest you stub your toe on a rock.”

These little Christians have angels close to Jesus heavenly Father who is also “Our Father who is in heaven.”  If the little disciples are that important to the God and Father of us all, then every believer is to be important to the pillars of the church.  As Chrysostom said, “How should he be little who is dear to God.”


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