What did Jesus Write in the Dirt?


In John 8, while Jesus is teaching in the temple some of the Bible Scholars (scribes) and lay watchmen (Pharisees) brought a woman to him whom they had caught in the act of adultery.  How did they manage that?  Makes me suspicious.  His opponents claimed Moses commanded them to stone such women.  “So, Jesus, what do you say?”

Jesus bent down and started to write in the dirt while they kept after him for an answer.  Finally, he stood up and told them that the one without sin, (never missing the bullseye of God’s target of perfection) could throw the first stone.  Then he bent down and continued to write in the dirt.

What did he write?  I think it was not only what he said, but what he wrote which caused the would be stone throwers to wander off.  I think he started writing the ten commandments.  When he got to the sixth, about committing adultery, he stood up and told whoever hadn’t broken any of those commandments could fire away.  Then he crotched down and continued to write the rest of the commandments, don’t steal, don’t lie about people, don’t covet what someone else has.

What do you think he wrote in the dirt?

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