A Day When Three Lights Shined


One of the numerous hymns written by 19th century scholar and poet, Christopher Wordsworth, nephew of William Wordsworth, is “O Day of Rest and Gladness.”

In stanza 2, Wordsworth writes of the light which shined on three Sundays.  Creation, Resurrection, and Pentecost.  At one – time people thought that God started creating on Sunday, which would make us Friday folks.  Maybe God was the one to say TGIF.

This version is from ELW

On you at earth’s creation,

The light first had its birth;

On you for our salvation,

Christ rose from depths of earth;

On you, our Lord victorious

The Spirit sent from heav’n;

And thus, on you, most glorious,

A three – fold light was giv’n.


In each case darkness preceded God’s creating act. The darkness over the face of the deep; the 3 hours of darkness on Good Friday and the tomb; the darkness of ignorance that permeated humanity before the enlightening of the Holy Spirit through the Gospel.

Each featured a creation out of nothing, the world; life out of death; and a people called to be the church.



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