Reformation 500


Are you ready for Reformation 500?  I know there will be many celebrations.  Here are a few alternatives.

Do you have your costume?  Martin Luther, his mother Margarethe Ziegler, wife Katy von Bora; perhaps Philip Melancthon, Pope Leo X who came from the Medici family, Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, let’s not forgot indulgence salesman, John Tetzel.  The Borgia family might be an interesting group, Pope Alexander VI and his children Lucrezia and Cesare.

You might form a Reformation caroling choir to go out on All Hallo’s Eve singing: Ein Feste Burg; Vom Himmel Hoch; Nun freut euch, liebe Christen g’mein; Von Himmel Kam der Engel Shar.

After caroling everyone could enjoy a beer.  Luther liked beer.

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