What is Really Scary


This is the time of year of haunted house, costumed ghouls, and carved pumpkins leering with eerie light.  In the 16th century All Saints Eve was a time when people believed the ghosts of the dead rose from their graves for a night of haunting prior to All Saints Day.  But of course, our neighbors yard and house which apparently has been invaded by purple spiders, nor the folks lying in repose in nearby St. Lucas cemetery are scary.

I’ve been reading in St. Paul’s letter to the Romans about God’s wrath.  Now that’s really scary. “God’s anger is revealed from heaven against all the sin and evil of people…” (Rom. 1:18 TEV) We are in big time trouble.  We receive what we have earned, and that is death.

I know, who needs such negative thinking.  Well, here’s something positive.  God gives us a gift.  The wages of failing to be perfect in mind, word and deed may be death.  But God gives us the death of his Son, Jesus, who lived the life we were intended to life.  With Jesus’ death and resurrection comes the gift of life, not just for our years here, but in eternity in our resurrection.  Thus, the day of God’s wrath is changed into the day of his forgiveness.

So, there really isn’t anything scary about All Saints Eve, though I still didn’t like the stink bug I found on the toilet seat last week.  It suffered from my wrath.

Happy Reformation Day 500.


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