Bright, Clear Eyes


In 1537, when he was 50 years old and likely in need of bifocal glasses, Martin Luther preached Christ’s return and making all things new.

The sun is now such a clear, bright light that no person, however bright and keen their eyes, can steadily gaze at its brightness.  But what will happen hereafter when the radiance of the sun will be seven times as bright as now…If Adam had retained the innocence in which he was created, he would have had clear, bright eyes and would have been able to gaze into the sun like an eagle.  But through sin…we humans have become so weakened, poisoned and corrupted in body, soul, eyes, ears, and everywhere, that our eyes are not the hundredth part as sharp as Adam’s were before the fall.  Our bodies are unclean, and all creatures have become subject to vanity.  The sun, moon, stars, clouds, air, earth, and water are no longer so pure, and beautiful, and lovely as they were.  But on that day all things will be made new and will once more be beautiful, as St. Paul says, in Romans 8, “The creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God.”

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