What to wear to a Wedding Feast


Recently, in my Friday morning Bible Class we encountered the parable of the Wedding Feast in which a man is thrown out because he wasn’t dressed properly.  (Matt. 22) So what should he have worn?

We learn this weekend in Isaiah 61:10, it’s not anything we can buy or rent in a tuxedo shop.  The proper attire is given by God.  “For he clothed me with the garments of salvation; he covered me with the robe of righteousness.” God gave us our proper attire in baptism.  He dressed us in Jesus, God’s deliverer/savior.  Perhaps our parents dressed us in something special for our baptism.  But God wrapped us in blamelessness.

Salvation and righteousness are not something we wear only on special occasions.  They are our everyday clothes, that we wear as we interact with other people at home, or at work or in social settings.  Thus, through the Holy Spirit, these garments influence how we treat others.  And if Christ comes when we least expect it, we are already dressed up for the eternal banquet.


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