A Visit from the Grinch


John the Baptizer’s father, Zechariah, sang after the birth of his son, “Blessed be the Lord God of Israel, for he has visited and redeemed his people.”    His son would go on to be a voice in the wilderness announcing that God would soon visit his people in the person of Jesus.  Jesus would bring redemption from sin.  He would be a mighty power for salvation, the fulfillment of all the OT prophets.

However, not everyone has gotten the message.  Yesterday, Becky taped envelopes for the trashmen on our trash and recycling bins.  Becky just doesn’t use scotch tape.  She uses packing box tape, enough to hold those envelopes in place through an F five tornado.  But alas, some real – life Grinch visited during the night and helped themselves to the “thank you” gifts intended for those who serve us.

Lord, may you visit all Grinches with your grace.  Thankfully you are a gracious God, we aren’t quite there yet.


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