News from the Turtle Lake Times


An 80-year-old man from Amery drove to downtown St. Paul to do some business.  He parked in a parking garage.  However, when he looked for his car he couldn’t find it. After about five hours of frustration he got a motel room.  The next day he renewed his search which was fruitless.  Exhausted he hailed a cab to take him back to Amery.  The cab driver was the daughter of the woman who owned the cab.  She knew he was in trouble, so during the 80-mile trip to Amery, he told her his situation.  She said, she would search for it.  He gave her the keys, so that if she found it, she could bring back to him.

After searching at least 12 parking garages, she found the car at 1:00 AM.  She called the man and she and her mother delivered the car in the afternoon.  The cab driver and her mother are Christians and know God works in our lives at all times.  She had prayed that she would be able to help the man.  She found the car on a second sweep through a garage she had already searched.

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