Enough for Him


In his meditations based on “In the Bleak of Midwinter,” Herb Brokering wrote.  “Eighty years and so much stuff.  Teach me Lord; Enough is enough!”

Brokering continues, “Little was enough for the Child.  Seven loaves and a few fish fed five thousand.  How?  God breaks things open, and there is more and more inside.  Plant an ear of corn.  One ear of corn will grow a field.  Cut a potato in several pieces so each has an eye and grow five hills of potatoes.  Enough is a matter of dividing.

Holy Communion is about dividing.  Not eating a loaf alone.  Blessing and breaking it with others.

The stable was enough for Him.  He had come from realms of glory.  Christ was the Word, who said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.  Now he lay inside a dark stable near an oil lamp.

With one word he made the universe, and now he lay in straw, having premiered a birth cry.  His word woke stars and eons and now he clung to Mary’s breast for a drink.  Without the girl he could not live.  Without Joseph’s dream he would be trampled by the wrath of Herod’s army.

The stable is enough for Him.  Hand carved nativity sets cost more than Joseph and Mary spent with their firstborn in Bethlehem. Read what he had in Luke 2: it was enough.”


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