Jonah Gets a Second Chance


The Old Testament lesson for this weekend was Jonah 3.

But I wonder, what did God have against the Mediterranean fish that the Lord appointed him to swallow such an indigestible dish?  There sat Jonah in distress over his mess, dour and sour for 72 hours.  Groaning and moaning from the belly of Sheol.  Would that he had cried to the Lord before he asked to be thrown overboard.

After a three day ache in its tummy, the Lord gave the fish some relief, vomiting up the prophet providing some surcease.  “Now,” the Lord said, “are you ready to go to Nineveh with the message that you already know?”  So, Jonah went to that great city, to preach the lord’s word who was ready to dispense his forgiving pity.  When the people believed and repented; instead of being glad Jonah was mad and he vented, “I knew it Lord, I knew it Lord, You would relent and show mercy and pity on that unholy city.  So just let me sit here and pout while I try to figure this out, because right now I’m so angry I just want to die.  Let me sit in this hot sun until I fry.”

Thus, we learn from Jonah, that rather leave people perish, God in his steadfast love does all of us cherish.

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