God’s Cavalry leads to Calvary


In the Gospel lesson this morning we heard of God’s Cavalry making its first attack Mark 1:21-29).  This Cavalry did not come riding in on a steed wielding a sword but arrived in Capernaum coming in the power of the Holy Spirit wielding the sword of the word.  God’s Cavalry launched its attack at the very core enemy which keeps us from the joy of all that God intends for us. An unclean spirit, a demon, an ally of the forces of evil built a stronghold in a member of the congregation.  While others were astonished at Jesus’ teaching this person voiced a protest to Jesus’ assertion that God’s rule was now taking back the territory which had fallen under the power of sin, death and devil.  “Come out of him,” Jesus ordered, and the unclean spirit had no choice but surrender his fortress.

However, this war between God’s Cavalry and the opposition would not be easily won.  The forces of evil would continue to find allies among those whom Jesus came set free from their oppressor.  In what they thought would finally, be their victory, they hung him up on a cross on skull hill, Calvary.  (Calvary comes from the Latin for skull).  But the satisfaction which Satan’s allies felt was short lived as Jesus broke free from the tomb and rose to continue the battle through those who still trust and believe that he is the resurrection and the life.  God’s Cavalry is now Jesus’ followers wielding the sword of the word in the power of the Holy Spirit.

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