Much Ado About Wells


In an arid climate wells were a matter of life and death.  In the case of Abraham’s son Isaac and Isaac’s son Jacob a well was the place to meet prospective wives.

With the blessing of the Lord Isaac, “gained more and more until he became very wealthy (Genesis 26:12).”  Out of envy his neighbors, the Philistines. filled up the wells dug by Abraham’s servants.  So, Isaac moved on and dug out some other wells that the Philistines had filled in after Abraham died.  However, rival herdsman claimed these wells for themselves.  Ok, so Isaac dug another well elsewhere, but again the Philistines claimed it as well.  Finally, after another move he dug a well and no one gave him any trouble.

However, they seemed to move again to Beersheba where, much to Isaac’s surprise, his rival Abimelech came to see him wanting to call off their strife, because it was clear that the Lord was behind Isaac’s continued success.  They had a big feast and the next morning they both swore a binding oath of friendship.  Also, Isaac’s servants reported that they had dug a well and struck water again. Genesis 26:26-33.

Despite the arguing over water, the Lord continued to bless Isaac.  The theme of blessing continues even as Jacob cheats his brother Esau out of a blessing and the line of our salvation now comes through Jacob.

The workings of God are truly strange and yet the Lord’s blessings keep coming day after day, working their way through vicissitudes of our lives.



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