Spirit Driven


Spirit driven conjures images of flying high like the snowboarding and skiing aerialists in the Olympics.

In the Gospel of Mark, Jesus is baptized and receives the Father’s affirmation, “You are my beloved Son, with you I am well pleased” However, the Spirit does not immediately lead Jesus to a ministry of greatness to the acclaim of thousands.  No, the Spirit drove him into the wilderness to starve and be tempted the entire forty days by Satan.  The Evil One did not give up his efforts to derail Jesus right up to the cross and death.

Our own post baptism lives follow Jesus pattern.  For our life following baptism with the Holy Spirit resting upon us and the Father’s affirmation as His beloved children, is also fraught with that fallen angel’s traps and temptations.  Jesus said that the Holy Spirit is like the wind, blowing where it will.  So, it is as we walk through the often-bewildering wilderness of what life brings us.  We too are Spirit driven into the challenges which we never imagined.  Like Jesus, our baptism leads to death.  But the Spirit brings us to faith in Christ so that even in the valley of death we know our Lord leads us through that shadowy valley into the light and life of Jesus’ resurrection.


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